Over the dozens of years that video games have existed, all types of players have fallen in love with this unique form of media. Many blind and visually impaired gamers enjoy the same titles as everyone else, but experience them in a slightly different fashion. There have been a few games which provide audio-only experiences, which prove an interesting experience for sighted gamers, but not nearly as many as there should be. A Kickstarter for a new audio-only, Three Monkeys – Part One: Into the Abyss, has just launched and looks like an exciting new title.

Three Monkeys is a new adventure game on Kickstarter that's based almost entirely on sound.

In Three Monkeys the world has been plunged into darkness after the sun was somehow ripped straight out of the sky. While most of the world’s citizens are now afraid of dangers that lurk in the dark, our hero Tobar begins his journey. Being blind since birth he knows how to navigate this sort of landscape. Besides, he’ll also have the help of a sprite named Yoska. She will provide “eyes” on the situation, alerting you to enemies, as well as just helping to visualize the landscape. Along with that, there is heavy focus on ensuring that audio is as engaging as possible so that players can truly imagine what this world might look like. Binaural audio techniques will further immerse folks with its ability to render sounds coming from different “locations” when the user wears standard headphones.

Three Monkeys is a new adventure game on Kickstarter that's based almost entirely on sound.

If you’d like to back Three Monkeys toward its £28,000 (about $42,700) and pledge at least £7 then you’ll be guaranteed a PC copy of the game for Steam. With that said, it doesn’t appear they’ve sought Steam Greenlight support just yet.

Track the progress of the Three Monkeys Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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