[dropcap size=big]B[/dropcap]artender another shot of your cheapest whisky, I’ve been riding for hours and I need to wet my whistle. What? No I don’t have any more money..wait! How about I trade a story for that drink? One story for one small drink? Great! Thank you! This is no regular story either; this is a story about a man with his luck, his weapons, his duck, and his…sound.

Our story starts off in a small town called Clovercreek. This town was nothing special except for its Luckcharms. These charms gave the people of the town great luck in whatever they did and kept the town alive for so so so long, but this wouldn’t be much of a story if they all stayed happy forever. One day bandits rode into town and stole the town’s Luckcharms and rode off to all different corners of the desert to use their ill-gotten gain. With their Luckcharms scattered to the winds the town’s only hope was the Luckslinger.


The Luckslinger, as his name surmises, was able to harness his luck into all types of crazy things like if he fell down a hole a mole would appear and he would be saved, if he was about to the shot the bullet would suddenly turn and miss him, and if his enemies were close enough they suffer fatal accident. He could be unlucky at times too. He would be walking and suddenly SNAP! A windmill would break and almost crush him or a cliff he was walking on would collapse under him. He seemed to pick up luck from the men he killed but that’s just an old coot talking.

Oh and he could wield weapons like the devil wields sin. He could shoot with the best cowboys around like Billy the Kid or Butch Cassidy or… well you get the gist but he wasn’t perfect with his piece. If he was too far away the bullets would drift and miss but if they did he could always rely on his knife! It would cut through his enemies like butter! As I recall he had a pistol, shotgun, knife..and that’s it but I could be wrong. And for some reason he always moved left to right in a straight line, I guess it was just his style.


You know how most men out her got pets like dogs or cats or snakes, well this man had a duck for a pet. Like a quaking, egg laying, green and brown, water sitting duck! In the desert! The duck was trained too! It would find him all kinds of stuff like ammo and it would retrieve his knife when he threw it! I mean I almost pissed my pants laughing when I saw that duck flying with a knife in its mouth!

Lastly and most odd was there was always this sound around him…It was like a hipping and hopping or beeping and bopping. It’s kinda like what we saloon patrons dance to but it was more like a drum than a piano. It’s the kind sound that makes the earth quake and makes you want to move.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_385108503_previewSo how about that drink? Oh you want more bartender? Well read this.

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