[dropcap size=big]R[/dropcap]emember Strength of the Sword 1 and 2? Well, you shouldn’t, because they never existed. The creators of Strength of the Sword; Lyubomir Iliev and Gerogi Rakidov of Ivent Games have an unusual take on their projects.


Perhaps, this why their latest project, Strength of the Sword ULTIMATE shines? The game has you combat against a slew of evil forces as a War Golem. If you’re unsure of what that is, it’s simply a magic powered robot of awesomeness! In this third-person, beat ‘em up action game, you’ll find challenge, reward and above all else fun.



Strength of the Sword ULTIMATE features a wide arsenal of weapons including (but certainly not limited to) huge swords, rocket launchers and flamethrowers. Of course this isn’t everything; you’ll also have access to shields, items and enemies to get your War Golem tricked out enough that you’ll even make Xzibit jealous.

Strength of the Sword ULTIMATE will be available on PC, as well as the Vita, WII U, PS4, and Xbox One should the appropriate stretch goals be met.  PVP is something players had wanted in the previous installment, Strength of the Sword 3. Well those players are finally getting it and will finally be able to determine who exactly the best player’s are, by putting their skills of awesomeness to the test with one another.



Strength of the Sword: ULTIMATE features a slew of customizing opportunities for the players. You may customize anything such as your torso, shoulder plates, weapons and legs. The sheer number of possibilities looks promising. Weapons such as a cannon with a bayonet looks like a lot of fun to use.


Perhaps out of all of the new features, the most alluring is “Dark Mode.” In this creative take of a pvp mode you’ll be infused with the power of darkness as you slay your enemies. Player’s infused with this darkness are known as a “Dark Swordsman.”


Once a Dark Swordsman is defeated, you’ll gain a dark token for your effort. After receiving three of these dark tokens, you’ll in return be able to play as a Dark Swordsman. Those designated as a Dark Swordsman have an entirely different set of powers, such as summing a swarm of bats. Also to add to this, your health bar as the Dark Swordsman will never regenerate. With this, you’ll more than likely be victorious for a few matches, but you’ll eventually be slain. That isn’t the only handicap however, as the Dark Swordsman, you’ll have no instruction or tutorial to show you how to use your new found powers. You’ll have to figure all of that out yourself, but fear not, if you’re not able to kill the Dark Swordsman, you’ll still be rewarded plenty of loot for your hard work. The Dark Mode will also have absolutely no effect on your pvp rankings. If that doesn’t sound awesome, I’m not sure what does?

Strength of the Sword is a action brawler that's being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.


Strength of the Sword ULTIMATE seems fun and has some unique twists on classic fighting games.  I recommend giving it a look over.

Are you going to back this game? If so, what features have you the most excited?


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