Nephil’s Fall is a new game project on Kickstarter which looks to be drawing some attention thanks to being a new Metroidvania on the scene. Of course, it’s fair to say there’s a bit more to the game than that, but let’s start with the basics. Nephil’s Fall places you in the shoes of a nephilim (or fallen angel) who has come a world succumbing to corruption. Nephil’s aim is to restore the world’s proper balance as its guardian. Luckily, he has four different essences which will aid him in this journey: air, earth, fire, water.


Each essence allows Nephil to perform different types of attack. Fire offers fireballs, earth offers powerful ground slams, and the like. However, there’s a twist to all this power. At the beginning of the game players have access to each essence and may even feel “overpowered.” As they journey through the world they must eventually give up different essences. This means that the further you go, the more players must hone their skills to a few specific essences. Instead of being able to rely on a smorgashboard of abilities they’ll trend toward whichever has their favorite gameplay style. It’s an interesting concept as long as developer Exordium Games keeps each essence type balanced.


As of right now Nephil’s Fall is only planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers but there is a possibility of console releases down the line – provided it reaches that $30,000 funding goal first. There’s an early bird tier of $12 if you’re interested, otherwise there’s a Steam Greenlight page ready to receive more upvotes.

Track the progress of the Nephil’s Fall Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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