[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]e..Hel…Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the gli…glit…glitch text but I have recently come into contact with new game Glitch Hunter on Kickstarter and I think my computer got a con..con…contact glitch from me looking at their page. One second let me fix this one second……Ok there we go!

Glitch Hunter is a fast paced card based strategy game that takes place in a cyberpunk universe in which the world is run by 3 organizations and everyone wants to a plug into a system called the Hypernet (the cyberpunk internet); and apparently rabbits explode!


The three factions of the game are the Spid3rs, Sliverlining Ventures, and the Glitch Crew. The Spid3rs are a group of mercenaries who prowl the Hypernet looking for their prey. They are fearless but also reckless and focus on dealing damage and buffing attacks for maximum effect. For all my Magic the Gathering players out there think a red/green deck. Sliverlining Ventures is an economic powerhouse that uses expensive and effective minions to do the job. For the Magic players think blue/green. And finally there is the Glitch Crew, they are a group of omnipresent hackers that use their opponent’s powers against them and cripple them. Once again for my Magic players think blue/black. I really like how there are set groups to choose from because having factions give players common enemies so they are less likely to grief each other.


As mentioned the Hypernet in Glitch Hunter is basically this world’s internet, but more importantly it is where the battling will occur. To battle you and your opponent build decks based on your faction and then use the cards offensively or defensively. You will also have a hero-ID which gives you special passive abilities. The cards you play with are 4 kinds. The ally cards passively buff and are automatically activated but do drain stamina. Crony cards have a wide range of abilities and can attack once per turn. Then there are the support cards that represent influence and resources in the game. Lastly there are the script cards that represent skills, tricks, and powers the hero-ID has to use. Having all these different types of cards seems cool in that players have a wide range of abilities and play styles to choose from. And after all this we come to the exploding bunnies.


One of the games most interesting features of Glitch Hunter is the dooms day clock represented by a bunny in a grenade with a pin in its head. In the game player can decide to turn the dooms day clock on. If both player decide to do this then the clock begins to count down. At that point the players have 6 turns to win or the bunnies blow up and no one wins, great moral lesson here: if you blow up bunnies no one wins. This can be incredibly interesting in that players have to factor in time and not just points or abilities. It is like if Magic the Gathering could only go 10 turns or else each player has to give themselves a black eye.


If you think Glitch Hunter could be your next online card game check out the Kickstarter.

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