[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]urry Timmy get in the house, the evil is coming! Yes I’m sure it’s coming, it has been moving toward our town for some time now. No Timmy, don’t be scared we have a mechanical golem to protect us. No son, it’s not a toy you cannot play with it after it is done battling the evil. It is a mixture of magic and engineering that was created to defend the town, defeat wave after wave of evil enemies, and wield thousands of different types of weapons.


No I don’t know where it came from, who created it, or how it was created but I honestly don’t care. As far as the magic and fighting and complexity of the machine it is second verse same as the first. Remember son being a farmer is relatively profitable but it does not allow a lot of time to read or learn about arcane magic’s or mechanical engineering or a mixture of the two.

The one thing I do know is that the golem is really really good at defending the town. He goes into arena like areas to fight the evil monster, knights, and abominations that decide to show their ugly faces…or at least what I think are their faces. He can fight in the village, badlands, castles, or wherever else evil spreads its corruption. The golem then challenges the monsters to one-on-one combat and fights the monsters to the death because for the golem the idea of retreat or surrender never enters its head. Sometimes the monsters summon minions to attack the golem but the minions are basically cannon fodder for the golem because the golem cuts through them like a hot knife through our homemade butter. He slides and jumps and dives around the arena, which is surprising considering he is made of metal.


He needs to dodge and jump around too considering what he is fighting. I mean the knights in armor he fights barely scratch the surface of the evil monsters the golem has to fight to defeat evil and save us. Sure a knight might have a big sword or a cannon but the golem also fights ape-like creatures, slug monsters with armor covering it, undead troll things, monsters that summon birds to obscure the golems vision, and who knows what else!

The golem also uses a whole cornucopia of weapons to defeat the evil! It uses the basic sword with sharp metal, a handle, and etc. Then he can use a sword with two blades, one on each side of the handle. Then onto swords with cannons, drill swords, and elemental swords! It also has defensive capabilities most namely its shields. Once again it has the basic wooden shield. Then the bigger shield, then spiked shield, and finally an elemental shield that uses fire or ice or lightening.

Strength of the Sword is a action brawler that's being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

Oh the fight is about to start, lets watch! Oh you can’t see? I’ll explain it. Ok the golem has his double bladed sword out and he has to fight a slug looking monster with black armor covering it. The golem is jumping around…he is jumping over the monster and stabbing it. Wow this looks dangerous. DUCK!!! That was close son, we need to get somewhere safe and where we can still see the fight, how about here.

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