Last year a super cute campaign by the name of Holobunnies launched and caught my attention. Unfortunately, it only managed to raise $7,000 of its $15,000 CAD goal. Now q-bit games have returned to Kickstarter in order to fund Holobunnies for a much more attainable goal than before. Because they know they could make $7,000, they’ve dropped the funding goal down to $5,000 CAD (about $3,900). Chances are we’ll see the game succeed this time! However, the campaign didn’t come without changes. Previously it was touted heavily as a Wii U (and PC) release. Now? It’s PC only, although Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported.


Holobunnies is a game about cute bunnies which travel through space and time. Once on a planet you’ll be tasked with exploring the world via action platformer mechanics. There will be bosses, but they’re nothing our intrepid bunnies can’t handle! By finding carrots and other collectibles you’ll be able to upgrade the spaceship, bunny appearance, and equipment. Each bunny has their own special skill as well as adorable look. Each of the playable cast members will also receive voice acting, which is pretty cool. You’ll be able to play through in single player or co-op, though if you’re looking for a multiplayer battle arena that’s included in the stretch goals.


Although this isn’t confirmed, I can’t help but believe that their current mysterious third stretch goal is a Wii U port. Whatever the case may be, it appears fans of the previous Kickstarter have migrated over and already pledged here. Sadly, there’s no demo available in this campaign, but hopefully they’re preparing to provide a more updated build of Holobunnies soon.

Track the progress of the Holobunnies Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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