What’s better than blowing up your friend in a videogame? Blowing your friend up in a space video game. What is better than that? Playing as a gelatinous mass in space that picks up guns they bump into and then using said guns to blow away your friends in space. We’ve all played games like Bomber Man or Mario Kart in which we compete against our friends to either win a race or be the last man standing. Armed and Gelatinous is a game in which you play as one of several gelatinous masses floating through space and picking up weapons from earth. The game offers intense couch co-op, insane bullet hell shooter action, and a wide array of ways to beat your opponents.

Armed and Gelatinous

Ever since the invention of online multiplayer, couch co-op(being able to play a competitive game with people in the same room on the same console) has been living on borrowed time. Armed and Gelatinous is a game made for up to 4 players, each player plays as a gelatinous mass picking up weapons found floating in space.

These weapons range from pistols to shotguns to rocket launchers to blunder busts to laser cannons to flame throwers(in space haha) to heat seeking rockets to atomic bombs. There are also power ups like bullet-time, invincibility, and magnets to give players a leg up on their competition and snatch victory away in the last send of a match. You are also able to customize your blob with hats and glasses and other wacky memorabilia giving your character the extra personal touch.

Armed and Gelatinous

There are also plenty of modes to attack your opponents in. There is the traditions death match but there is also stock and timed matches. The match options can vary too from what weapons float by to what hats everyone can wear to what power ups are available to the level you fight on.

If you’d like to learn more about Armed and Gelatinious, and possibly even back it, then head on over to it’s Kickstarter campaign before it ends on April 4h.

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