What things are popular in the current video game climate? Minecraft is still kicking it as a world-renowned game, and heck, zombies are still in vogue as well! As such, it seems any game with aspects of both is poised for easy attention. It’s hard to say that Once Bitten, Twice Dead will get the attention it deserves on Kickstarter, but it is presenting a fun project with multiplayer-focused survival gameplay. As the name suggests, this is a title all about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Only, this apocalypse is one filled with blocky zombies and humans. The cartoony art is at odds with the more typically “dark” concepts of survival games, and makes this game stand out.


Players jump into the world as a survivor in either online or offline co-op and simply try to survive. They’ll need to collect resources, craft items to help live through the night, and always keep a sharp eye out for undead. Heck, they might even need to stay suspicious about the living, too! Online play supports up to 100 players simultaneously, which sounds cool if the game gathers enough of a fanbase to fill it all out. In a nod to Left 4 Dead there’s also an Infected Mode where players get to become an especially deadly zombie.


Developer Dark Day Inc is asking for approximately $15,000 (converted from AUD $) to make Once Bitten, Twice Dead. Reaching the Kickstarter goal will allow them to work on the game further as well as add Oculus Rift support and a Wii U version alongside the Window/Mac/Linux PC release. Here’s a link to the pre-alpha demo if interested and the Steam Greenlight page.

Track the progress of the Once Bitten, Twice Dead Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada