Some folks grew up with the early days of video games, while some others were children of the 90s. Falling into this category myself, it’s very easy to lament the style of early 3D platformers which have mostly disappeared from the landscape. Instead, indie developers have been hard at work creating their own NES-era creations. As time goes on though it seems we’re likely to see many more 90s based games as we’ve already seen a few. One of the latest is FreezeME which takes inspiration from classics such as Super Mario 64. Heck, just listen to the music and it’s not hard to guess the developer’s favored platformers.


As is necessary for games of the timeframe there are coins to collect and lovely, large levels to explore. But unlike titles on Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1, there’s a whole host of more modern concepts such as different gravitational pull on objects. For example, you may find yourself pulled upside down onto another platform rather than having to jump on top of it as per conventions. The most interesting concept however explains FreezeME’s name. Players can “freeze” objects in the world to reposition them as needed. This creates much-needed platforms to reach new locations although they only stay frozen for a short period of time.


So far, folks seem to be responding to FreezeME very well. The game previously made its way through Steam Greenlight with ease. Developer Rainy Night Creations needs to raise $15,000 via Kickstarter to release the game for Wii U and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Track the progress of the FreezeME Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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