FIGHT! Round 1 – A Female Fighting Character Zine has been on Kickstarter for about a week now and reached its goal of $9,500 CAD (or $7,562 USD) with little issue. But for many, this will be the first time they’ve ever even heard of a “zine” – so what’s that all about? Zines are like fan magazines often focused around one specific topic. In this case, it’s a zine where a ton of talented illustrators have been gathered to imagine their own fighting game characters. Each woman looks totally distinct and the samples of art showcase just how awesomely distinct the complete zine will be.

Art by Jenn Woodall

In total, FIGHT! Round 1 will be comprised of 44 pages with full color illustrations on each. The book itself will measure 10″ by 8″. As you might expect, a full color, fairly large sized zine costs money which is the whole point of this Kickstarter to begin with. Even so, each contributing artist is receiving an honorarium (or free books) for their work. Additional funds over the goal are also being funneled to artists. After Round 1 is complete the hope is to produce Round 2 and Final Round as the second and third volumes in the FIGHT! series. Presumably those volumes will require their own Kickstarters as well when the time comes.

If you’ve gone through the Kickstarter page and are digging the art then it might be worth considering a pledge which includes some art. At $40 and above you can nab a print (although some are already sold out). I’d be lying if I pretended some of these prints weren’t totally tempting!

Track the progress of the FIGHT! Round 1 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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