If there’s one thing visual novel fans like me adore Kickstarter for, it’s that the platform is always home to cool new projects of the genre. This week WarGirlGames launched their campaign for Over The Hills And Far Away. Before we dig into that story, it’s worth recalling this developer came to Kickstarter previously to fund My Little Dictator. That game is still underway but hopefully this start of a different campaign signals their other title is nearing completion. So, let’s get back to Over The Hills And Far Away!


The game takes place during the War of 1812, and in particular, focuses on a redcoat who has gone rogue. Wounded, he runs from battle and instead seeks shelter in a presumably abandoned barn to stay safe during a thunderstorm. Once inside, he realizes he’s not alone at all. There is a Shawnee child taking shelter in the barn as well. While waiting out the storm they’ll eventually begin talking – but will this newfound friendship and understanding remain once the storm is over? That’s something players will have to find out on their own.


Over The Hills And Far Away is quite unique as most visual novel stories don’t tend to focus on “American” sort of content. WarGirlGames is asking for $8,877 in funding (converted from Pounds) to succeed. You can take a look at the demo (Windows, Mac, Linux) and if it seems up your alley it might be worth upvoting on Greenlight as well.

Track the progress of the Over The Hills and Far Away Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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