One thing that routinely frustrates me in the field of video games is how so few situate themselves in historical time periods. It seems more indies are willing to explore these timeframes, as is the case with Specter U.M by Lost Boys Ambassadors. The game is set in the United States during 1941 and focuses on a young boy who has just been gifted with a host of new abilities and technology thanks to a genius inventor. Being the video game that it is, you’ll then be able to use these new found items and abilities to explore the world.


Specter U.M is a 3D adventure/puzzle game. Exploring to discover bits of story require players to first solve puzzles and platform by manipulating levels. Players accomplish this by throwing objects primarily, although crafting new items is also a feature (although left pretty unclear). Really, as cool as the storyline and how professional the graphics may be, there’s very little to go off on from the Kickstarter page. The gameplay section is two paragraphs long and scenes shown during the funding video don’t particularly help describe the actual game much either.


My suggestion for Lost Boys Ambassadors is to inject the campaign with a ton more actual gameplay graphics and descriptions. They’ve already got a prototype in place, so this should be doable. I want to know more, not about the story, but about why it’ll be fun to play Specter U.M! With a massive goal of $225,000 they’ll definitely need to invigorate their Kickstarter in the coming days.

Track the progress of the Specter U.M Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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