[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap] game of infernal proportions has been brought to the forefront of Kickstarter! Today I bring to your attention, Requiem: Vampire Knight; a game of strategy and combat based on the comic from Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit.

This alternate twisted universe of Resurrection is home to many hellish things such as sadistic vampire knights, decaying zombie soldiers, remote-controlled werewolves, armored centaur-riders, really mad scientists, demonologist sorcerers and more!

If you’re unaware of the comics by Pat Mills and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit, you can check out their work here. You can also find them in your local comic book store. If you’re already a fan of the comics, then this game should be perfect for you. The story is at its heart a love story. The twist being that it takes place in such a hellish universe, where people are reincarnated as corrupted fiends and any resemblance of “good” is few and far between.


Requiem Vampire Knight – the Game is divided into three standalone boxes called Packs. Each Pack contains the components for two players and features two new factions. You can play with four players if you have two Packs. The more Packs you have, the more options you and your opponents will have in choosing which factions to play as. For those that like adding a bit more to the fun, you can look into getting Expansion boxes to improve the six factions and Special Expansion boxes, which will contain special characters, new rules and expand the universe.

Each faction will offer a unique way to play. The Vampires start off very strong but will become weaker as they starve, whereas the Ghouls seem weak, but are resistant. Lemures have fewer effects available to them, but have access to remote controlled werewolves, which is a very powerful asset. The Hellfire Club has a lot of magic to use at the disposal as much as the Archeologists have science powers. Last but certainly not least there are the Distopians. The Distopians are lizards and have access to commanding dragons and well, it goes without saying that dragons are definitely powerful.

With the way this campaign is set up, they aim to unlock all boxes of the game step by step. First will be one of the basic Packs; next will come an Expansion. The second wave of three Expansions; the last steps will be the three final Special Expansions separately.


Requiem Vampire Knight is writhe with story behind it, since it’s inspired by a comic book series. The vampires are the evilest, most powerful beings in this universe, being led by Count Dracula himself, who was already a vampire in his previous life.  The ghouls are as bitter as they are selfish. These creatures feel they were good in their previous life, not actually knowing that they indeed were not. They may have been *slightly* better, but yeah, still just minimal. Next you have the Hellfire Club which is extremely restricted and only few have access to it. Some of the requirements require I direct devotion to the god Aiwass and most importantly, you must have a hatred for Dracula.  Lemures are the one good faction in all of this. These are people that are trapped and bound by their torturer and cannot be freed until they are executed. The Lemure also have access to remote controlled werewolves that have no say so in the matter.  On Resurrection there are also the Archaeologist which are mad scientists, that live for the thrill of crazy maddening experiments and last but not least, there are the lizard people- Distopians. These avaricious beings are greedy…very greedy. If you thought you’ve seen a dragon that loved treasure, it’s even more so on Resurrection!


All in all there’s some neat stuff to look at. The story has had a lot of time to develop, seeing as it’s a comic book. The game looks interesting enough as well, be sure to check out the Kickstarter for Requiem: Vampire Knight.

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