It was around the early 2000s when extreme sports games started cropping up left and right. Not only was there the massively successful Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but tons of others tried to make their mark. BMX, surfing, and even scooters got in on the action although in the end it seemed that only skateboarding games stuck around for the long haul. BMX fans might find what they’ve been missing all this time in BMX Ride. This game, which has already been in development for a year, offers a variety of features related to both gameplay and modification.


BMX Ride gives players arcade-style gameplay which allows for a great deal of tricks without being too serious. That’s why this game isn’t described specifically as a “simulator.” There will be both a first person and third person riding mode – and that first person mode can be augmented with an Oculus Rift. Fans of customization will find they’re able to tweak their rider, bike, and also create their own levels. Levels will be shareable throughout the community (presumably through Steam Community implementation specifically). Speaking of Steam, it’s obvious folks have been looking for a game like BMX Ride because it saw easy Greenlight success.


But will that interest generated by the BMX community or gamers in general translate to a successful Kickstarter? At the moment, it seems like developer Interactive Echo Games are in for a tough ride. The goal for BMX Ride is approximately $39,706 (converted from SEK). Perhaps, in this instance, they’d benefit most from a corporate sponsorship or two?

Track the progress of the BMX Ride Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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