Most of the time we see visual novels which are cutesy, sexy, or in some other way light-hearted. Every so often, fans of the genre are treated to completely different sorts of storylines. This is the case with Trigger, a game described as a choose your own adventure narrative (or visual novel), currently on Kickstarter. The story focuses on a 30-something woman named Wendy and her husband Rick. Perhaps at one point they’d been a happy couple, but as of now Wendy lives life through a haze of depression. Things only get worse as the two lose their home. Will Wendy be able to come to terms with the reality that she’s living with PTSD?


Trigger isn’t about winning or losing – that’s far too arbitrary a distinction for a visual novel of this nature. Instead, players are free to explore branching story paths to unveil different parts of Wendy’s life. With different aspects revealed they’ll be able to better understand her struggle and life. the game is planned to be one of the story you can finish in a single gaming session. So far, much of Trigger is already complete. Developer Amy Dentata is looking to compensate her artist for their work, complete the soundtrack, and be able to do all this in a short three month period.


If Trigger is the kind of game you’d like to experience, you can get an early look by downloading the game’s demo. It is planned for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux and needs just $4,000 for a successful Kickstarter. So far, it appears Trigger is well on its way to being funded.

Track the progress of the Trigger Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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