Dating visual novels seem to be on the rise lately. And AJ Tilley is back with his latest title, Divine Slice of Life. For those who backed Echo Tokyo, anyone who pledged to a tier that got a copy of the game will get a code for this game as part of their rewards. For those who didn’t back that campaign, and for those who want in on special tiers, this is your chance to grab a unique “slice of life” game.

Divine Slice of Life

Yui – Demi God descended from Aphrodite

In typical “dating sim” fashion, in Divine Slice of Life you’ve got a young man named Aaki who’s a bit shy and unsure of himself. He doesn’t think any girl would go out with him, but this all changes when fate drops two gorgeous young ladies into his proverbial lap. Yui and Ryn are demi-gods, descended from Greek goddesses and attach themselves to Aaki. Believing him to be the reincarnation of Zeus, king of the gods, they demand that he pick one of them as his bride.

He’s not so lucky, though, as two fellow classmates have also set their eyes on the young lad. Anyone who’s played a dating visual novel can see where this is heading. Pure and utter chaos as all four potential “suitors” vie for his affection. While not announced, I wouldn’t be surprised if a harem ending is planned as a stretch goal.

Divine Slice of Life

Ryn – Demi God descended from Athena

AJ Tilley is no newcomer to creating visual novels. Several have been successfully crowdfunded and of those released prove that he knows what he’s doing. Divine Slice of Life is just his latest endeavour and based on the artwork it looks like a fun romp in the genre. He’s only asking for £4000 and has managed in just the past few days to get more than half of that. With a month still left he’s on track to make funding.

Track the progress of the Divine Slice of Life Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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