Here’s an interesting campaign. DrawAndRace4 is the fourth in a series of user-generated racing games, but that’s not the most interesting part for us at Cliqist. What stands out most is that this series has been funded entirely by Kickstarter since its inception. Developer R.D. Merrifield never tends to ask for much in the way of funding, but even so many campaigns fail each month. It definitely appears that these games have drawn an established audience, even if it clocks in around a hundred folks. That’s certainly more than can be said for many other crowdfunding campaigns!


So, what’s new about DrawAndRace4 and why is the iteration between versions so fast? I can’t speak to the latter point as I’m not the developer, but here’s what’s new: You can now access digital painting. It might seem odd but the previous versions actually didn’t allow for players to visually modify their art after uploading a scanned drawing onto the program. So if you want to go in and paint the track to make it suitably pretty after uploading you can do that. Alongside typical paint tools there’s also a texture painter (but note that you’ll have to import these textures yourself, as the game doesn’t come with them).


As noted earlier, the audience for DrawAndRace4 seems very happy to buy updates to this unique indie racing game. As of this moment the Kickstarter campaign is already successful, having raised over the approximately $157 (converted from Pounds) goal. You can play it on both Windows and Mac PCs.

Track the progress of the DrawAndRace4 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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