Visual novel fans have been introduced to a great many awesome new games in the genre in just the last month on Kickstarter! Of course, there’s always room for more. The latest visual novel to hit the crowdfunding site is Pinocchio’s Murder by Mayshing. Before we dig right into the story, it’s worth noting that this title actually is an adaptation from the sci-fi comic series E-depth Angel. With that said, the developer assures prospective backers that you don’t need to be a fan of the source material in order to enjoy this upcoming game. Of course, existing fans will love interacting with these characters on a closer level.


So, what’s Pinocchio’s Murder all about? You play as a young woman named Angel who is struggling to determine which of her memories are real and which have been implanted by someone else. Along the way she must work together with her friends, lest others take control of her and turn Angel into a vehicle of mass destruction. Despite the high stakes, there’s also room for love. As of right now, three different romance routes between three of the game’s male cast. A handful of characters will get side stories provided their stretch goals are met, though.


Would you like to try it out for yourself? If so, here are two direct links: One for Windows and the other for Mac. Pinocchio’s Murder is hoping to hit its funding goal of $4,000 and so far that seems a very attainable goal. Here’s a link to this visual novel’s Steam Greenlight page if you’d like to help in upvoting it.

Track the progress of the Pinocchio’s Murder Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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