The era of atmospheric exploration horror games is upon us, and as such it can be harder to stand out. With that said, Perception stood out to me immediately. Yes, it’s a narrative horror adventure where the protagonist isn’t armed with heavy weapons, but there’s one massively unique aspect – Protagonist Cassie is blind. She has found herself haunted by a strange building in her dreams and believes that exploring it is the only way to be free. As such, she discovers and enters the Estate at Echo Bluff, but finds that a terrifying Presence doesn’t want her to ever leave.


Cassie may be blind, but she is anything but an easy target. Using echolocation via her cane (and ambient sounds) she is able to paint a mental picture of the surrounding environment. Players can utilize her cane at will, but also don’t want to make too much noise… lest the Presence be notified of her location. Using wits and cunning, players will (hopefully) be able to avoid deadly encounters, explore the history of the home, and make it out alive.


The concept of Perception is incredibly cool and comes to us from past developers of games such as Dead Space and Bioshock. I’m personally hoping that “brand” recognition so to speak will push The Deep End Games toward their goal. After all, even with an awesome concept, $150,000 is a lot to ask for on Kickstarter. Perception is planned for release on Steam at the moment but does not have a Steam Greenlight campaign yet.

Track the progress of the Perception Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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