Every month we take some time out from covering the lovely world of crowdfunded games to focus on a single non-crowdfunded game.  The game chosen for the Not Crowdfunded, But… game of the month honor isn’t necessarily the latest or greatest, but it’s one worth talking about.  For June’s game of the month we’ve decided to change it up a bit and ask our readers to help out with the voting.  First, the nominees!

notcrowdfundedbutjune2015Quite a mix of titles there, everything from tactical combat, classic adventuring, mass murder, to roguelike-rhythms.  If you’d like to have your voice heard and ensure that the game you’d like to hear more about is the winner just head to our forums.  Register your account, if you haven’t already, and then head to this thread.  You’ll be able to learn a bit more about each game and then chime in with up to two votes.  You can even make suggestions for articles you’d like us to put together forthe winner.

Voting is open until Saturday June 6th, so vote now!

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