Do you remember Arachnid Games? They were the folks behind the Kickstarter for College-Ruled Universe, which eventually launched under the tweaked title Ballpoint Universe Infinite. They’re returned to Kickstarter with yet another gorgeous game, although this one definitely features a different aesthetic. Diluvion is a game about exploring the vast oceanic depths in a submarine, taking care of the crew and submersible, and fighting back against the enemies lurking just out of sight. It’s only by pinging the sonar that the world around you slowly becomes visible, but you won’t always like what you see.


Although Diluvion takes place underwater, fans of space combat titles may find that in many ways this feels strikingly familiar. After all, combat is inspired by classics such as Wing Commander. You’ll be able to fight in 3D space with every armament at the sub’s disposal, including torpedoes, railguns, and bolts. The crew onboard confer benefits to different sorts of weapons, adding a bit more strategy. But they’re more than just powerups. You can get to know the crew members by checking on them and learning their story.


Arachnid Games needs $40,000 to bring Diluvion to Steam on both Windows and Mac. It’s worth noting that this release will be complete, but they already have two expansions planned. Those who back $10 or more on the Kickstarter will receive “all planned expansions free of charge.” The wording of the statement suggests that any additional expansions beyond these two might not be free to backers, though.

Track the progress of the Diluvion Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada