To some degree it has felt like the closer we get to the Oculus Rift’s official consumer launch that the excitement has honestly decreased a bit. No longer are we seeing tons of crowdfunding campaigns which offer VR experiences exclusively, but that mini drought is over with Faceted Flight. Sure, there’s a hefty amount of flight sim-esque games which also offer VR support, but those tend to focus on far more realistic sorts of flying. This game, on the other hand, takes it inspiration from easy to pick up titles such as Star Fox and Pilotwings.


Faceted Flight lets players select from one of three types of vehicles (Hover-Chair, Hover-Jet, and Power Glider) and fly throughout one of five levels. Only three levels have been crafted thus far, and will see expansion with the success of this Kickstarter. As for those two other stages? Backers are getting the opportunity to vote on them. There are three different modes to check out which allow for races, flying through rings, or simply just exploring the polygonal landscapes as you see fit. Finally, the team is looking to implement multiplayer, though it’s not defined whether this is local or online.


Excited? If you have the Oculus Rift DK2 then you can click here to check out a demo. Please note that although this demo is Rift exclusive, the full release is meant to run on a wide variety of VR headsets. Faceted Flight needs $50,000 in funding to succeed, so hopefully making this a VR-exclusive game doesn’t hinder their backer count.

Track the progress of the Faceted Flight Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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