Team 21 have released a new Kickstarter update for their upcoming old school hardcore RPG, Dungeons of Aledorn, announcing that the game will be upgrading to the recently released Unity 5 engine.

The upgrade has provided the development team at Team 21 with new tools to make the game look much better in terms of its graphical fidelity. You can see a load of new screenshots from the updated build just below.

The images show off an in-development village for the game called, Manto, which the developers plan to use for their upcoming demo of the game. The location will include several quests and a bit of a preview of the surrounding area for players to test out the game’s mechanics and provide feedback for the developers.

The feedback Team 21 receive from the demo will basically lay the groundwork for the rest of the development of the game. We should be hearing more about the development of Dungeons of Aledorn later this summer, according to Team 21’s Kickstarter update.

If you want to know more about Dungeons of Aledorn you can check out all of Cliqist’s previous coverage of the game right here.

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