Purrfectly Ever After is an upcoming otome visual novel which begins with an interesting premise. You are a female cat who is a member of a wild cat “gang” which steals food and in general causes a lot of trouble for humans. Because of this reckless behavior, the other cats are captured leaving you alone to save them. Only at the point that this cat realizes the trouble she’s brought to the others she decides to make a wish. If she could become human, she would stop stealing the food of others and earn it just as people do. Amazingly, her wish is granted and this cat turns right into a human girl!


Given that Purrfectly Ever After is an otome game, it also makes sense that right after her transformation she quickly finds herself surrounded by a cast of handsome men. These fellows also happen to be the ones who saved her cat-self from danger, so it makes sense. As with games of this genre there are five different romance routes to choose from. However, each character also has a “destiny” route which actually isn’t romantic in nature. In any case, once you complete the endings of each different character you are on the path to unlock the final, true ending.


So far it appears that this is a visual novel with a lot of polish behind it. Not only do the characters look downright divine, but they even have voice actors lined up to portray the men! Purrfectly Ever After is planned for release on Android and iOS as long as it can reach the Kickstarter goal of approximately $7,555 (converted from AUD). Here’s a link to check out the demo if you have an iOS device.

Track the progress of the Purrfectly Ever After Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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