That adorable and loveable clown (and admittedly just on the other side of creepy) Dropsy has some information to share. While there’s no official release date yet according to the latest update, development is very much in the home stretch. The estimate to 100% completion is roughly eight weeks from now. A formal release date should be revealed between now and then.

The other big news in the Dropsy update is that beta testing for backers who pledged for tiers that get it will be starting on July 11. So, if you’re one of those who’s in on some early action and bug squashing mark your calendars for that date. If you’d rather not get any spoilers don’t worry. You don’t have to play the game until it releases.

Finally, while they don’t want to give any spoilers they did whet our appetites with a couple animated images showcasing our playable protagonist.

Be sure to check out our previous coverage of Dropsy, including our interview with Dropsy The Clown himself!


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