Hey visual novel fans, do you happen to remember the Indiegogo campaign for Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme? Back in 2013 that project had no trouble raising far over its goal and has since launched on Steam via Early Access. Development on new character arcs continues, but now the author has decided to begin on another visual novel as well. This one is called Max’s Big Bust and, aside from offering a very tongue-in-cheek joke immediately, it sounds like an even larger project. The game takes some inspiration from the “buddy cop” genre of films but throws in a gender bending twist.


You see, during an attempted drug bust, Max is somehow magically transformed into a woman. His partner Brad remains unscathed, though it probably won’t be easy for him to grasp what the heck just happened. Max’s Big Bust is planned to clock in at around 30-40 hours of total playtime and offer life sim elements alongside its visual novel framework. There are five potential romanceable characters (which includes 2 men and 3 women) so that’s pretty great! Finally, puzzles akin to those in adventure games will also make an appearance every so often.


Max’s Big Bust is already in development but developer Lached Up Games wants to take it to the next level with more CG artwork and animated sequences. The latter seems quite pricey which explains the Kickstarter funding goal of approximately $15,312 (converted from AUD). At the time of this writing backers haven’t shown up in mass, but given the fanbase for Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, it shouldn’t take much longer.

Track the progress of the Max’s Big Bust Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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