The Kickstarter for visual novel Memento: Aurora Chronicles launched on December 25, 2012. Given the date’s proximity to holidays in the United States, it’s a surprise that it succeeded – but that must be the power of visual novels. During the 60 day campaign period there were copious updates from Bright Onion Studios. It was fantastic and just what we at Cliqist hope to see from developers! Updates continued into the rest of 2013 but began to slow at about the middle of the year. Then, almost exactly one year after the Kickstarter launched, they posted an update in December 2013 and there was no word since.


There were indeed no updates in 2014 at all. Only during June 2015 did we finally see an official post go up. What were they doing these past 18 months? Thankfully, for all those backers holding their breath, it appears the team has been very much hard at work. The latest update includes a huge amount of new gameplay screenshots and showcases that the artist has even grown more skilled since Memento: Aurora Chronicles first debuted. What’s left to be done? They still need to edit the script, redraw a variety of sprites, complete CG artwork, and in general just ensure their release is of high quality.


It’s also worth noting that Memento now has a new name – Memento of Spring. While they may not have been skilled at keeping backer updates going, the developer did at least chat a fair bit within the backer comments section, which is better than total silence. We still don’t know exactly when Memento of Spring will release, but at least they’re making serious headway on the project!

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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