When it comes to gaming I prefer to have my experiences on either PC or console. While I usually have no problem with seeing projects having mobile ports, I always shy away from ones that are being catered exclusively to that market. Thankfully, enough fans of visual novel Purrfectly Ever After have spoken up and demanded to have a PC release alongside iOS and Android. The only caveat is that it gets Greenlit on Steam first.

Purrfectly Ever After

Personally, I have no clue why the release for PC is dependent on being able to make it on one particular distribution platform, but there you have it. If you want to have your feline fix on a screen bigger than a tablet then you should go to their Greenlight page and upvote it. Knowing how…weird the Greenlight process is Purrfectly Ever After could get the thumbs up before the campaign ends or it could take a year (or more) to make it. Either way, expect an intense campaign on both fronts.

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