The Bards Tale IV Kickstarter is nearing the end of its month-long run and with less than two days left on the clock more awesomeness has been announced in the latest update. The biggest news would have to be regarding the “achievement” system that inXile has got going on. Backers and fans have been working overtime knocking out these milestones since it was introduced early on in the campaign. So far, 18 have been breached and only two more to go before possibly the greatest addition becomes unlocked.

The Bards Tale IV

Once the dungeon delving party has opened the doors into “Room 20” anyone who has backed The Bards Tale IV gets an exclusive skin to make PCs look like the man himself. That’s right. If you pledge to the Kickstarter before time runs out (and presumably via PayPal while it’s still going) you can play with Brian Fargo to your hearts content. But only if two more “achievements” are unlocked during the final hours. “We can finally get him in a kilt and give him some glorious, flowing long hair. Besides, isn’t it slightly more funny that he’s uncomfortable with it?”

While there are other news in this update, the other major point discussed is with the game itself. Apparently enough fans wanted a return to the front/back row system so prevalent in dungeon crawls and the good people at inXile listened. While they’re still hammering out the details, a preliminary look at how The Bards Tale IV will do this is briefly discussed. Generally, melee types should duke it out in the front row and spellcasters and ranged deeps stay back in relative comfort in the rear. But, certain strategies might require some mixing up here. Once this system gets fleshed out more I’m sure they’ll discuss it in further detail.

With that said, time is rapidly running out and there are still plenty of stretch goals and achievement points to unlock. So, keep spreading the word and make The Bards Tale IV a rousing success.

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