Ynnis Interactive has announced that the closed beta session for their upcoming game, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has begun this week.

Backers at the Beta level for Shiness will have access to an exclusive adventure that will not be present in the final game, as Ynnis is going to be using it strictly for feedback purposes. According to the Kickstarter update, every choice you make in the beta version of the game will have an impact on the final version of the game. The developers didn’t go into much of any detail regarding exactly what choices you’d be making, but considering the game is an RPG, you’ll probably be making quite a few choices.


The developers are also sure to note that there’s quite a few bugs, graphical glitches and gameplay issues that will be hampered out by the final release, so backers should be sure to provide Ynnis with as much feedback as possible.

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Nick Calandra
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