I want to wake up in a dank, rusted, mold infested school bus in the middle of an unforgiving post-apocalyptic backwater full of monsters.

I want to strap a flashlight to the end of a stick and explore the wilderness with my trusty canine sidekick; all the while wondering how he’ll taste once friendship gives way to necessity.

I especially want to navigate treacherous rivers on a raft I made out of logs, rope, and a prayer just to make landfall on a shore that’s as deadly as the last.

I’m not really sure if I’ll enjoy any of what the team at The Molasses Flood is selling, but I really want to.  I want The Flame in the Flood to be the game that takes me back to the cloudy world of my childhood imagination.  Now that the game is in Beta I guess we’ll be finding out soon enough.

The Flame in the Flood, A survival Kickstarter game by The Molasses Flood

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