Cross Reverie looked to be an impressive new 3D JRPG-inspired title when it launched on Kickstarter this month. However, just this week, Sinxsoft canceled their campaign even though they had raised more than half the $60,000 CAD funding goal. What happened?!

Cross Reverie

As was revealed in a backer update, the cancellation actually wasn’t due to any of the regular, disheartening reasons that campaigns are closed. What actually happened is that the indie team received an offer from a private investor to help fund their game. Of course, the specifics aren’t going to be revealed, but apparently this investor will still allow Sinxsoft to create the game without tarnishing their vision.

Cross Reverie

This is tremendously surprising news, but sounds like very good fortune for Sinxsoft and Cross Reverie’s future. The developers are still poised to unleash their complete creative vision with even more funding on hand. Good luck to Cross Reverie as it progresses through development!

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