For those who have been following the campaign for Legends of Fire & Steel know by now that Boomzap decided to cancel the campaign with only hours left remaining. While it was obvious that they weren’t going to make it without a small miracle I would have liked to see it run its course, especially so close to the zero hour. Still, it’s understandable that they made this decision. Just disheartening.

That said, Legends of Fire & Steel is not going to become vaporware. Boomzap will be regrouping and returning to Kickstarter sometime in the near future. They don’t have a set date yet, but the notification update did announce that backers of the current campaign will be treated to beta copies of the game for feedback. With no strings attached. Anyone who goes in on the second one at any amount will also be given instant access to the current build.

Legends of Fire & Steel

In the meantime, expect a lengthy update from Boomzap explaining what went wrong, what they could have done better, and what they plan to do going forward. The latest update does give a brief synopsis of what they feel caused the campaign for Legends of Fire & Steel to lose so much steam. In a nutshell, they just weren’t ready for the full reality of going live. At the same time they did learn a lot about what makes a successful Kickstarter, which they plan on utilizing when they relaunch.

The new Kickstarter will have all of the same levels as before, and you are welcome to re-back us at the same level or a different one. In fact, we will *guarantee* that those who backed us in this campaign will have the same backing level available in the next campaign, regardless of other limitations.

Legends of Fire & Steel

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date when we find out more about Legends of Fire & Steel.

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