Recently, long-time developer Tale of Tales revealed that they were no longer pursuing commercial video game production. Although they ran a successful Kickstarter for Sunset, it failed to attract much attention from the gaming populace after launch. This huge misstep caused the development team to reevaluate their work and decide that they were not going to make games for the “mainstream” any longer.sunsetlogo

With that said, they never said they were done utilizing Kickstarter or other funding avenues. They’ve been running Patreon pages for a bit now but it looks like an upcoming project is going to require a fair bit more funding. In their latest backer update Tale of Tales revealed they are planning a Kickstarter for a “new, surprising project!”

As a fan of their work, I’m definitely excited by what may be coming. They have not specified anything about said project, though, so it may not even be a video game. After all, they’ve created non-game art before and continue to. We should expect to see their campaign go live sometime in October.

Do you think this campaign will be for another video game or something else entirely?

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada