I’m a fan of stories set on or around a space station. Shows like Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 are full of interesting character development and intrigue. While there probably won’t be much of that in Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope it still sounds like a great premise for an interstellar rogue-like strategy game. There was a Kickstarter campaign that ran last year that was eventually canceled by the developers due to it not getting close to funding. Or something. I don’t know. I didn’t follow that one. But, the second attempt does look like it’s off to a strong start.

Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope

In Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope you’re in command of the titular space station presumably orbiting Earth. Humanity has literally outgrown its home planet and set out for the stars. While we’ve met some aliens out there during our colonization efforts, both benign and aggressive, a strange unknown force has been wiping us out one colony at a time. Enter the construction of the Battlestation and you’re role as humanity’s last line of defense.

It’s up to you how you want to play Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope. Be diplomatic and work with the other races to take down the darkness or go all gun-ho and start shooting at everything. It’s pretty much up to you. Which does add for a good amount of replayability. Plus, there’s always the ever-present tech tree found in most strategy games. Research both human and alien tech to help upgrade your station to fend off the menace and secure the future of the human race.

Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope

I’m not a particularly huge strategy game fan, although I do enjoy playing them from time to time, but this one certainly intrigues me. Mostly because it’s all situated on the station. Sure, you can send out ships and boarding parties to bring back valuable information and resources but like the shows I mentioned above said station is pretty much the focus of the game. And, if you’re not sure you want to back, you can always try out the “prequel” game for mobile devices (Google Play & Apple).

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