You may have heard of Outer Wilds before. Not only did this game win a huge award at the Independent Games Festival, but an alpha build has also been floating around for quite some time. This completely free early release of the game has seen tons of interest over time, as more and more players discover it. Gameplay is all about exploring planets and uncovering story bits as time mysteriously resets itself throughout play. Now, developer Mobius Digital have turned to crowdfunding in order to make Outer Wilds as good as it can possibly be.


This includes the following goals: Adding more interactive content, increasing locations to visit, upgrading the graphics, getting a soundtrack from composer Andrew Prahlow, and potential console support after the PC releases makes its way out. Outer Wilds definitely could use these expansions, as while it was certainly cool to begin with, it still has room for improvement. Mobius Digital appears to be pricing their campaign at a pretty strong, yet fair funding goal of $120,000. Not only that, but they’ve taken the jump to be the very first crowdfunding project to appear on Fig.


What the heck is Fig? It’s a new crowdfunding site that launched today which is completely devoted to video games. Yes, we’ve seen other sites attempt to do this before, but the site is actually headed by successful Kickstarter users (Brian Fargo, Tim Schafer, Feargus Urquhart). Not only that, but it allows for both reward-based funding as well as actual investment. At the moment only accredited investors are allowed to utilize that functionality, though.

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