I’m a huge fan of card games. Back in the 1990s I tried pretty much every CCG on the market at least once. While BattleCON Online isn’t strictly a CCG it is still a strategic card game that pits one opponent against another to knock them down to zero health and thus win the match. Each character has their own special moves that fit their personality and once the game goes out of beta not only will more be added but each one can conceivably have alternate costumes, some of which add some extra power to the game.

BattleCON Online

BattleCON Online is the digital version of a tabletop game of the same name that had apparently also gotten funding through Kickstarter. Which, after watching the gameplay video so lovingly provided on the main page I kinda wish I knew about beforehand. The game looks beautiful and has a strategic depth that’s lacking in a lot of card games these days. While having fast action is fun and all, sometimes you want to be able to outthink your opponent whilst beating him (or her) senseless.

BattleCON Online

In a nutshell, BattleCON Online and its cardboard predecessor pits two fighters against each other with 20 health each. Each turn they both lay down a two-card combo to try to knock around the other and gaining the advantage while slowly whittling their lifeforce down to negatives. In my opinion it looks like the perfect balance between fast pace action and more cerebral strategizing. And one that I look forward to taking for a spin when the beta hits, presumably, sometime in December. Which is what the campaign is mostly to fund.

The campaign just launched and it’s already funded 2.5 times over. Even a single dollar will net you a free character of your choice with higher tiers sweetening the deal even further. Once launched, the game will let you buy more playable characters with real money or by unlocking them with gold earned while playing. If you’re at all interested in card games you should give BattleCON Online a look.

Track the progress of the BattleCON Online Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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