I’ve backed so many projects that I’ve lost track of which developers keep backers posted on a regular (or semi-regular) basis and which ones only update us once in a blue moon. GondeFire, unfortunately, falls into the latter category. They’ve kept us in the loop so little that I had pretty much forgotten that I had backed it at all. Which is never a good sign. We had heard from them back in May about their Snatcher-like adventure game Harvest letting us know that there had been some setbacks but that things will start getting back on track once things start to settle down. Unfortunately, last week we did get another update that was pretty short and not particularly encouraging.


Hey Backers, Just wanted to touch base and let you know we have been putting together a new team for Harvest. Just trying to figure out how many people will be needed and lock them into the project. Hopefully this helps and we start moving along with the project again in the next couple months. Fingers crossed!

It’s been about three months (give or take) since they said they were looking at getting together with another company to help them out after the majority of the team had jumped ship. And it looks like they’re still working on getting things finalized. At least they’re putting together a new team. Which is a start. But it doesn’t look like they’ll get back to work on Harvest for at least two months. If they’re lucky. The “fingers crossed” part really has me worried about it getting finished at all let alone in a timely manner.

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