In the last few years there has been a great resurgence in couch based multilayer games, so with it comes the Kickstarter for Crashnauts. A fast paced 2D  shooter coming to both PC and PS4, it’s marketing self as being an objective focused, hectic, multilayer experience. Being at a very early stage in its Kickstarter with less than $4,000 pledged of its $40,000 goal with 28 days left, its got some distance to go but what they have so far looks promising.Crashnauts1

With gameplay footage including multiple characters and weapons, Crashnauts looks like a well prepared Kickstarter with a list of (mostly) reasonable stretch goals, including Wii U support. As someone who for the last few years has played mostly multilayer games with a group of close friends means having another game to add to that list is great, but the lack of online multilayer sours the news.Crashnauts2

While Crashnauts has online multilayer listed as a stretch goal it feels like something that should be in the game from the get-go. Towerfall was previously criticized for its lack of online multilayer and I can’t help but do the same to Crashnauts. With online multilayer being as common and prevalent as it is today, it feels wrong that any multilayer game (be it couch based or not) doesn’t have it from the start. Everything from Crashnauts looks so promising but knowing that the game could be complete without online functionality means personally I couldn’t back it, especially since the online stretch goal is more than double the games current goal at $90,000.

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