Film noir has fascinated me for years. The grizzled gumshoe working on his own, solving cases that the police can’t or won’t handle. Just him and his trusty sidearm for company. The femme fatale that can either help or hinder our private detective. Nosebound embodies all of those, wraps it up in a black and white motif, and sprinkles eldritch horrors liberally within to make it a truly unique take on the genre.Nosebound

As we’ve covered previously, in Nosebound you play as former police sergeant Ray Hammond as he takes up shop working freelance. He lost his family, his job, and his will to carry on. Sounds like a great start to a noir story, doesn’t it? It certainly sets the mood perfectly. In the first of five planned episodes he gets a call for a case. Taking up his trusty pistol he heads on out to the concrete jungle, seeking whatever dangers that await him.

But, not is all as it seems. Remember when I said that horror plays a big part in Nosebound? Yeah, dig too deep and you’re gonna get bitten by the creatures of the night. And I’m not just talking about drug dealers, prostitutes, and other criminal lowlifes. I’m talking about the big nasties that haunt your nightmares. The sort of things that will quickly send you to the insane asylum, complete with comfy white jacket and padded cell.


Here’s what I love about Nosebound. It takes two quite different genres that I enjoy and mashes them together in a lovely looking point and click adventure game spanning five “chapters”. The first part is already 80% finished and the base goal of $18,500 CAD is needed to finish the first episode. With the other five planned for stretch goals. I certainly look forward to seeing where they take us, and there’s a demo should you want to give it a shot before pledging.

Track the progress of the Nosebound Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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