I’m not really a fan of 4X games. I’ve tried some and never got into it. But I am a fan of intrigue, dealing with other races in a diplomatic fashion, and just making a mark on the universe. Which is pretty much what a 4X game is about. Lord of Rigel is an upcoming game in the genre that will be hitting Kickstarter around September 29, so if you’re a fan yourself you should probably consider marking your calendar for the launch date.

Lord of Rigel

Here’s what we know about Lord of Rigel. Two major spacefaring factions are embroiled in a sort of cold war. You’re in charge of one of the minor races that’s working to make a name for yourself and hopefully tip the balance of power in your favor. And, like any other good 4X game you can play the game however you want.

You can be a warmonger and build up your fleet and send ships out to do battle. You can be a diplomatic powerhouse and craft treaties and alliances with other factions. Or you can engage in skullduggery and send spies out to undermine others, creating a showy espionage organization to destabilize the region. It’s your call. Anything is possible in Lord of Rigel.

Lord of Rigel

If you can’t wait until September 29 to pledge, you can check out their Web site and perhaps download the demo to see if this is the type of game for you. Based on what we know this one looks to be an interesting take on the genre.

Shape the fate of the galaxy through conquest, diplomacy, or research the secrets of ascension. Players can create or destroy by harnessing strategic resources to build Dyson spheres, doomsday weapons or unlock evolutionary secrets.

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