Night of Fears wants your mind, your soul, and your money. $2,000, to be exact, which is the funding goal of this modest 4-man project. Does it deserve your money? That’s for you to decide, but I’m happy to offer my counsel.

Which is ‘nah’. Not at the moment, anyway.

Of everything that’s currently presented on the Night of Fears Kickstarter page, the scariest thing is definitely the trailer, and absolutely not in the way intended. It looks rough, and ‘rough’ is being kind. There’s very little information about the project on display, and the team even concedes that, from the beginning, they weren’t quite sure where they wanted to go with it. Indeed, the game’s narrative has been overhauled three times since March. That’s not exactly a great way to inspire faith in potential backers. I’ll be very surprised if this campaign succeeds.

Night of FearsThat said, I don’t want to put developer Mad Glitch off games development for life, and so I would offer this advice to the team: go back to the drawing board, form a clear and cohesive vision, plan everything out in detail, and don’t present anything to the Kickstarter community until you have lots to present. Backers need lots of information, far more than this first campaign has offered, and everything you show needs to impress.

As it stands, Night of Fears is requesting $2,000 for what seems like a half-formed idea. Keep your money for now, folks. You might need it later on. If you’re more optimistic than I am, though, feel free to support the team over on the Night of Fears Kickstarter page.

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