First contact with aliens can usually go one of two ways. You can have a benevolent race who wishes to coexist with humanity and you have those that just want to destroy us and do nasty things with farm animals. The Nullpoint falls much closer on the darker side of the spectrum. In the early 22nd century mankind sent out a probe to explore deep space and what they found was a dark void where all forms of radiation were absent. Upon closer examination we discovered a derelict space station just outside of the orbit of Saturn. Being the inquisitive sort we sent teams in to investigate.

Unfortunately, said teams were never heard from again.┬áIn The Nullpoint you’re part of the few remaining survivors of the expedition as you and a team of up to five members struggle to repair one of the shuttles and escape the nightmare station using whatever resources you can scavenge. And it won’t be easy because you’ve not only got to content with the technology you’ll most certainly discover but things lurking in the shadows that would like nothing better than to do nasty things to you.

The Nullpoint is a squad based RTS where resources are scarce and so are available troops. If everyone dies it’s game over. And you have to conserve ammo and other resources so you can’t go in guns blazing. You’ll have to think much more strategically to outwit and outlast the alien menace. And hopefully make it out alive and with some sweet alien tech. The good thing is that you can recruit more survivors to help you out as well as scavenge for more material needed to escape. If you’re still on the fence about this, you can always try their combat prototype before pledging.

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