Tale of Tales, the developer behind the successful (and disappointingSunset Kickstarter, have announced an upcoming Kickstarter project that I’m not even going to attempt to pitch to you. Instead, I’m going to directly quote the developer, which announced the new project in a backers-only update on the Sunset Kickstarter page:

‘In the wake of our withdrawal from the commercial market of games, mentioned in the previous update, we’re getting ready to launch a new Kickstarter campaign on October 21st. Through this campaign we hope to kick-start our most ambitious project yet. Cathedral-in-the-Clouds is a collection of virtual dioramas for contemplation, inspired by Flemish Primitive painting and Gothic sculpture and architecture (that we are blissfully surrounded by here in Flanders, Belgium). They will be created in realtime 3D, the technology of many videogames, but will not be games. Just living tableaux for observation, available for free for multiple devices, and displayed together in a Virtual Reality cathedral.’

You can understand my reluctance, I’m sure.


Kickstarter is undoubtedly the best place to go for such an unusual project. Imagine being a marketing executive and finding that on your desk. It’s a tough sell, to say the least. Enough to drive any PR team insane. Still, it sounds strange and different and interesting, so I’m all for it. For more on Cathedral in the Clouds, follow the project on Twitter and check out its official website. You can check out a sneak peak of the project’s pitch video below.As always, check back with Cliqist for future coverage.

Gary Alexander Stott
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Gary Alexander Stott


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  • Wait wasn’t this the same team that went on a rampage on twitter about how they hated their jobs and their customers? Logistics aside, they seriously need to address PR issues first.

    • Basically. I can understand the disappointment of thinking something would be more successful than it ends up being (boy do I!), but these two haven’t seemed to acknowledge their own shortcomings yet. Not saying they’re horrible people or anything, but there does seem to be a lack of humility..

      As an aside, the highlight of the video is definitely the monocle.

    • Godmars

      No. Just the general market for not buying it. Their “customers” who backed them on kickstarter. can’t see them really dumping on people who shared their views.

  • Frenden

    Wait is it a game or tourism app?

    • “Yes”

    • Godmars

      Sounds more like virtual/digital art. That you might be able to walk through?

      Just so long as they don’t call it game everyone should “play”.

  • Godmars

    Not really seeing how this is a PR nightmare? If its anything like their last game they’ll wind up getting support, this time they just don’t expect this to sell.

    • I took it him to mean that it’ll be a tough sell for a product like this, not that their reputation would hold it back.

      • Godmars

        If they were making a game and it were good, got honestly good reviews from reviewers other than the ones they had before, it would likely sale.

        Thing is this sounds more like interactive digital art and otherwise has no right to be called a game.

        Though now I’m wondering what if happened to the reviewers who covered their old game. If they received any blowback.