Normally I don’t have problems with developers returning to Kickstarter with new ideas but they usually deliver on most or all promises before going back to the well. I’ve been more than willing to support multiple campaigns for multiple projects in the past but sometimes there comes a person that abuses the system to the point where I just don’t want to hear from them anymore. And AJ Tilley just happens to be one of them. Despite only having a couple visual novels fully (or partially) released to the public he just keeps going back with one half baked idea after another while there are several that are still being worked on. The worst part is that he usually claims to have several published already.

Highschool Possession

I know that I said that I wouldn’t cover this guy’s work any longer but after hearing him say that he’d no longer be seeking funding through Kickstarter I figured I wouldn’t have to. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for him to break his word and has not one but two projects currently running. One, Club Life, is already nearly finished and has managed to get over double its original funding goal and the other, Highschool Possession, just started and is nearly funded as well. With his track record I find it hard to believe that with each new project he gets funded easily while there are plenty more deserving titles out there that can’t get their base goal at all.

Highschool Possession

AJ Tilley is a prime example of someone who abuses the system and somehow manages to get away with it. If he had more of his successfully funded visual novels released, whether they were good or not, I probably wouldn’t find this so appalling. As it stands he keeps going back for more while so many other projects are still being worked on. Especially after the joke that was My Highschool Crossdressing Romance as a “test” campaign.

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