Mage Tower, the digital tower defense card game from Super Mega Games, has a long history with Kickstarter. This is technically the fifth campaign, having been initially successful in a 2012 tabletop project, which was followed up by a successful expansion in 2013. Then Super Mega Games mislaunched a Kickstarter for a digital version of the game earlier this year (necessitating its cancellation) which was soon followed up by an unsuccessful campaign that managed to raise just over half of its $8,000 funding goal.


Here we arrive at the most recent, fifth iteration of the project. Mage Tower, as its name implies, is a tower defense game. Players draft an 8-card deck that is then used to defeat attacking monsters, and the cards themselves feature nicely painted dark fantasy artwork. None of this is particularly groundbreaking, of course, but Mage Tower does have one feature I find particularly noteworthy. Players have the freedom to customise their cards with stickers, which looks every bit as silly as it sounds.

Mage TowerAside from that, I’m not really sure what else Mage Tower has to offer. CCG enthusiasts are sure to find something appealing in the artwork, but to players such as myself whose experience with the genre consists entirely of a little dabbling with Hearthstone, there isn’t anything that really necessitates the investment. That’s the problem with the genre, really. One breakout game has set the mainstream standard, and in doing so, hasn’t so much opened the genre up as it has overshadowed everything else within it.

Mage TowerThat said, I don’t suspect Mage Tower is targeting the mainstream audience, anyway, so if you’re a CCG hardcore, you might want to check out the game’s Kickstarter page before it relaunches for the 6th time.

Track the progress of the Mage Tower Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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