Visual novels come in all shapes and sizes. Both in regards to the overall story and the types of romances, if any, you can pursue. However, sometimes the game just takes a major turn for the weird. Enter Angels with Scaly Wings, a visual novel about traveling to a world populated with dragons. That’s right. Dragons. I’m a huge fan of our fire-breathing scaled friends so when I saw this one hit on IndieGogo I had to check it out. And it looks interesting. And I’m obviously not the only one that thinks so as it’s already nearly halfway funded.

Angels with Scaly Wings

There’s not a whole lot to the plot given, but what’s there has quite piqued my interest. Humanity has somehow managed to open up a portal to another world and has started to send a delegation through to make contact. Which includes you. You’re there to learn what you can about them and possibly make an alliance or something. At least, that’s the basic gist that I got from the couple paragraphs of story. However, there’s more to Angels with Scaly Wings than just chatting up the denizens of this world.

Throughout the game you’ll be dealing with four friendly young dragons that you can not only befriend but even possibly romance. That’s right. You can have a dragon boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s not the strangest premise that I’ve seen, but it’s most certainly not…typical. At least you’re not getting all chummy with birds this time around.

Angels with Scaly Wings

With eleven endings and four romance options, with several possible one-off romances with secondary characters, there’s a lot to do in Angels with Scaly Wings. Which means a lot of replayability value. If this is your thing then you can try out the demo before backing. Even if you don’t want to give financially there’s also a Steam Greenlight campaign going on as well. I know I’m going to check out the demo because I like dragons. Just not quite in that way.

If you’d like to learn more about Angels with Scaly Wings you can check out our interview with the developer, back when the game was known as Dragon Dating Simulator.

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