I received a backer only update from AJ Tilley through Beach Bounce announcing a change to his company. How this will affect current and future projects is beyond me but it sounds as a weird decision at this point in time. Particularly with regards to his track record. It may work out and it may make things worse. Only time will tell. Here’s the basic gist of what was mentioned.

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AJ Tilley is splitting his company up into two arms, one being keeping AJTilley.com as a publisher of third party visual novels and the other being called Dharker Studio, his new development studio. It’s not unheard of to split a company into two entities to differentiate each other, but the update makes it sound as if this is needed to make sure that everything gets pushed out in a timely and productive manner.

He continues to claim that he’s released “several games” so far but as yet only 2 2/3 have been released, with one or two in early access. Claiming that things have “not always gone well as splitting yourself between two important tasks can be overwhelming.” Maybe this is why development seems to be going so slowly. He has admitted to making several mistakes with games like Beach Bounce, citing an unedited script and the decision to go episodic among them.

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Dharker Studio will be breaking off completely from AJ Tilley’s main site, which can mean a number of things. Things which I’d rather not discuss as the actual reason could be way off from my own thoughts on the matter. Suffice it to say, this split may be beneficial towards the still outstanding titles or it could just be a way to sweep the mistakes under the rug. Either way, time will tell.

This is of course a big change not just in how we develop game but will also affect how we fund them going forward but our hope and belief is that this is the right way to put the past behind us, learn from those mistakes and move forward to make better games that our supporters can enjoy.

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