October 26th saw the release on PC of Chaos Reborn, a few months after its planned May 2015 release date – although for Kickstarter games a certain degree of lateness is to be expected. However one week after its official release the most newsworthy issue seems to be the lack of news. Amongst the mainstream press there’s been a distinct absence of official reviews, which is a bit strange given there was a fair bit of interest in the Kickstarter itself due to the involvement of Julian Gollop (creator of the original XCOM and Chaos titles).


At the time of writing there’s only one collected score listed on Metacritic – although it’s encouraging to see it’s an 80%. Steam user reviews provide a better idea of its overall reception however, with 420 reviews of which 83% are positive. The general consensus seems to be that it’s a solidly made and entertaining multiplayer experience (although there is a single-player mode too) if you don’t mind having to rely on luck to some extent due to the role probability has in all actions.

Chaos Reborn is available with a 15% discount on Steam until November 2nd meaning it can be picked up for $16.99 (£12.74) if you’re quick. Or if you’re not a fan of Steam you can look forward to a DRM-free version available soon.

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